Living Together

May 21 – July 28, 2018

Public Reception

Wednesday, June 6 from 7-9 PM

Living Together is an exhibition featuring the work of six artists – Betsy Alwin, Mara Duvra, Teréz Iacovino, Haley Prochnow, Emmet Ramstad, and Jen Sonibare – whose practices analyze our encounters with interior environments, the objects we live with, and spaces we live in, and do so often by marrying materials and disciplines in unexpected ways. The collective works form a range-y still life or a Period Room of a conceptual parlor. Exhibitions are living arrangements; objects and artists are gathered in a room and co-habitate for months. The exhibition asks us to consider what does this living arrangement look like? How do exhibition spaces feel like home and not a showroom? What art do we choose to live with, and what artifacts do we inherit? How do we create spaces for ourselves, as artists, not only to live safely and comfortably, but to show our work publicly and form a livelihood? As art spaces adapt to changing support structures and economies, how will we change our living arrangements to continue our work.


Related Event

Living Together Artists' Talk and Patio Cookout

5:30-6:00 pm Grilling on the patio behind Gallery 71.  BYO grill-ables! 
6:00–7:00 pm Artist talk on the patio.

Join 'Living Together' artists Betsy Alwin, Emmett Ramstad, Jen Sonibare, Mara Duvra, and Haley Prochnow in conversation about their work and exhibition themes of exhibitions as living arrangements, living with art, and living as an artist.

Parking is available at Think Bank opposite 71 France on the roundabout. Enter through Gallery 71 and proceed to patio.

In the event of inclement weather, the talk will move inside and alternate light snacks will be provided.